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The main cause of climate change or global warming effects is believed to be the accumulation of the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas in the atmosphere. Because of our extensive knowledge on CO2 gas, we support research projects that help to keep our planet clean through environmentally acceptable solutions for the CO2 overload.

Research project CO2 MAN
Scientists believe that we can reduce the volume of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by collecting and storing it deep underground. In a small geological reservoir in Ketzin in Germany, this theory is tested in environmentally safe conditions. The project focuses on a careful observation of the effects of injecting a significant amount of CO2 into a reservoir.


The website of the project will provide information about the projects as it develops, contains general material about CO2 capture and storage and links to other sites. The site also contains a page where your views or questions can be posted to the project team.


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